Japan Psychiatric Association for International Partnership (KAISEIKAI)


Japan Psychiatric Association for International Partnership (KAISEIKAI) was founded in 1984, and one of the main objectives of KAISEIKAI is to encourage and foster Japanese psychiatric medical fields through international partnership. Members of KAISEIKAI are hospital executives, and 217 psychiatrists/executives nationwide are members as of May 2007.

KAISEIKAI President & Vice President

Masatoshi UEMATSU
Yukihiro NAGASE
Ryouichirou TANINO

Vice President
Vice President
Vice President

kunimigaoka Hospital
Takatsuki Hospital

Taninogzan Hospital
Jiyugaoka Hospital

Main Activities

Overseas Aid

Recent overseas study tours

2003 Oahu, Hawaii
Private psychiatric hospital run by a NPO Hawaii State Hospital
Queen's Medical Center

2004 Lombardia, Italy
Community Mental Health Center in Northern Italy
Group home
General Hospital
*Psychiatric hospitals were closed in 1978 due to a legislative act

2005 Paris, France
Hopital de la Pitie-Salpetriere
Hopital Esquirol
Hopital Robert Debre
Hopital Saint-Anne

2006 Catalonia, Spain
Mental Health in Catalonia
Hospital de SALT and others

2007 Helsinki, Finland
National Public Health Institute
Pakilakoti Nursing Home
Helsinki University Central Hospital,
Department of psychiatry

2008 Switzerland
Schlossli Privatklinik fur Pszchiatrie
C.G.Jung Instituz Zurich
Uninersty Clinic For Psychiatry
EMS Bois-Gentil

2009 London,United Kingdom Paris,France
West London Forensic Service Delivery Unit
West London Mental Health NHS Trust
Maudsley Hospital
The Tavistock Institute

2010 Los Angeles,USA
UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital
San Fernado Mental Health Clinic

2011 Munich,Germany
Max-Planck-Institut fur Psychiatrie
Klinik der Universitat Munchen Klinik der Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie

2012 Vienna ,Austria
Medical University of Vienna
Lamdesnervenklinik Wagner-Jauregg
SMZ Ost,Dnauspital,Psychiatrische Abteilung
SMZ Baumgartner Hoehe,Otto Wagner Spital

2013 Brussls,Belgium
KULeuven Campus Kortenberg
PsychiatrischZiekenhuis OLV Brugge
OPZ Geel

2014 Copenhagen,Danmark
Mental Health Centre Copenhagen, Bispebjerg Hospital
University of Copenhagen
GlostrupMental Health Centre Glostrup
Sct. Hans Hospital

2015 Vancouver, Canada
Forensic Psychiatric Hospital & Regional services
UBC Counseling Psychology
Psychiatry Vancouver General Hospital/UBCH
Visit to Mental Health Team, Venture, MHES and ACT, Vancouver Coastal Health

We, all the participants in the study tour would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Soma Ganesan, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and Head Medical Director, Department of Psychiatry, Vancouver Acute & Vancouver Community Mental Health and Addictions.

2016 Singapore,Republic of Singapore
The Japanese Association Clinic, Singapore (JACS)
Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
National University Hospital (NUHS)
Hougang Care Centre

All the participants in the 2016-Kaiseikai study tour would like to extend sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Lee Cheng at IMH, Dr. TAN, Chay Hoon at NUHS, Dr. Hiromi and MayumiHigurashi at JACS for their precise coordination of the program and warm hospitality.

Trinitas Regional Medical Center

2018 Melbourne ,Australia
Florey Institute
The University of Melbourne
Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit Sunshine Hospital
Melbourne Clinic

2019  Stockholm ,Sweden
Uppsala University Hospital
Psychosis Care in Stockholm
Karolinska Institute (Suicide Prevention)
National Board of Health and Welfare

Current psychiatric issues in Japan

KAISEIKAI Secretariat
1130, Oshikata, Takachiho-cho Nishiusuki-gun, Miyazaki, 882-1102, Japan
Wakeikai Medical Corporation, kunimigaoka Hospital
PHONE +81-982-72-3151